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4/6/14: NEA / AWL Joint Public Meeting

We're holding a public meeting in Newcastle with Worker's Liberty on the subject "What's Wrong With The Left?" Details here.

2/6/14: Nee-Nar #5 Launched!

It's been a long time coming, but it's here at last: Nee-Nar #5! We'll be dishing out print copies at the Newcastle Green Fair on Saturday.

8/5/14: Teesside NEA Group Forming

Just a quick heads-up: a second branch of NEA is in the process of forming on Teesside. We've been working with comrades from the Boro area for some time, but as most of NEA are based in Tyne & Wear, it makes more sense for Teesside comrades to have their own autonomous group. It'll hopefully be up and running shortly.

NEA International

25/3/14: NEA International

We have created an international e-mail address to aid us in building international links. If you are from outside of the U.K. and wish to get in touch, contact us at: nea-international at riseup dot net.

8/2/14: NEA Public Meetings

Over the last couple of weeks NEA have held two public meetings with the title "Anarchism: Is There Any Other Option?", the first in Middlesbrough, co-hosted with TSM, and the second in Newcastle. The Newcastle meeting ended up going in a more er... freestyle direction, but the first more or less went to plan. One of the talks given at the Boro meeting has been written up as an article and you can find it here.

8/12/13: NEA Update

Just a quick note to explain why there's been so few updates here recently. Basically, we've been busy with anti-fascism. The past few months have seen local EDL demos in South Shields, Shotton and Hartlepool which we've organised against, while some of our comrades have also been further afield to Lincoln, Wakefield (where a group of antifa successfully occupied and then blockaded the pub where the EDL were meeting) and Tower Hamlets, where some 286 anti-fascist militants were arrested while trying to break away from the usual UAF-approved police kettle. As anti-fascism has become so time-consuming, we have been trying to establish North East Anti-Fascists as an autonomous militant organisation, distinct from NEA, able to function without being so dependent on us to do everything. Hopefully, that will clear the agendas at NEA meetings a bit and give us some room to get back to focus on specifically anarchist agitation in future. Meanwhile, if you want to get involved with NEAF, the best way is to check the Facebook page.

18/9/13: Anti-Fascist Film Showing

Some comrades of ours went to Germany back in January for a huge anti-Nazi protest in Magdeberg and one of them made a short film about it. It is being screened tonight in Newcastle, and in the coming weeks there will be screenings all over Europe, including Turin, Athens, Magedeberg, Sweden and Poland. It's called "No Pasaran!" and you can watch the uncut version of it online here.

7/9/13: Teesside Wobs Launched

We're pleased to hear that comrades (sorry, "Fellow Workers"!) on Teesside have launched a new branch of the IWW, the syndicalist union which many of us happen to be members of. You can contact them via their FB page.

20/7/13: How Long Can This Go On?

NEA made the trip to Birmingham today for the anti-fascist mobilisation against the EDL, and while we've heard rumours of fash getting kickings in departments stores, we've been stuck in a frigging kettle at the official UAF demo. Waste of sodding time. UAF are taking the piss, agreeing to hold their demos in virtually enclosed "public" spaces, miles away from the fash, and then wheeling out Weyman Bennett to act all surprised and indignant when we then get kettled. Cops confiscated flag poles and made arrests as the young 'uns repeatedly tried to break out of the kettle, and then to top it off, the frigging disco freaks started their dance routines. I mean, symbolic protest has its uses, but not when there's no-one around to see it. Anti-fascism cannot continue like this.

13/7/13: Durham Gala

NEA's new banner made it's debut today at the Durham Miner's Gala. Great weather and craic, even if some of our comrades did bump into some EDL divvies while dishing out anti-fascist leaflets - not that they did owt about it. All mouth really, aren't they?

12/7/13: Our new banner

New NEA banner

5/7/13: NEA Statement on Military Coup in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood were always reactionary bastards, but Egypt's army generals are also another ruling class.

A military coup is not a people's revolution, it simply is its betrayal. The army has been robbing Egypt's people for decades, & there will be no real revolution until they are removed from power.

The revolution is being made by Egypt's protesters, their football ultras, the black bloc, and others willing to fight. Their wildcat strikers & militant trade unionists, from the women fighting against patriarchy and sexual assault, from its progressive intellectuals & students, it will also come from soldiers who decide to turn their guns on the real enemy by working with the masses of people instead of their fat generals & other capitalists looting the economy for their own benefit.

Those lauding the military now need to split the soldiers from the leadership and go on the offensive against the capitalist class. This was only a move by the ruling class to demobilise the mass protests with a sop, letting the capitalists still have the power. The protests must continue, spread and become more targeted to take power by the people. The people, the multitude, must take and make power for themselves. We have a world to win.

11/6/13: G8 Protests in London

Well, the G8 have been in Northern Ireland this week, and there's been protests in several cities around the UK, notably in London where the police went a bit over the top in the brutality stakes while raiding a squat being used by activists, resulting many many people being tasered and beaten. Several NEA activists were in London for the protest - here's their report.

10/6/13: Nee-Nar #4 Launched!

Yup, it's the new edition of our newsletter, now available in PDF format for free download. We'll be distributing paper copies at the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday. Keep an eye out for us!

Filth in the streets

25/5/13: Filth In The Streets

Saturday saw the streets of Newcastle fill with police, fascists and festering mounds of horseshit, as the EDL came to Toon. A long-planned national demo against an Islamic education centre opening in Newcastle was given a massive boost by the recent murder of a soldier in Woolwich and instead of the anticpated few hundred, the EDL managed to pull out somewhere between 1500-2000 as they rode the racist backlash. By contrast, the lousy authoritarian behaviour of the organisers of the official "Newcastle Unites" counter-demo meant the anti-fascist presence was perhaps barely 400 (a report doing the rounds from the SWP claiming over a thousand is just laughably innumerate). To make matters worse, around a dozen anti-fascist militants were arrested before the demo - including 5 picked up in a house raid - apparently on the back of information provided by the official organisers. This kind of treacherous bullshit needs answering for.

On the upside though, the demo itself had a decent atmosphere and we were able to link up with comrades from Teesside and York. There were several small clashes with groups of fascists, both at the rally point at Newgate St, where EDL tried to get at anti-fascists, and elsewhere in the city throughout the day. Overall, it was a long way from being an anti-fascist victory. The Asian community largely stayed away and the offcial marches never really even came within sight of each other. Things might have turned out far worse, but even so, this was not an acceptable result.

Initial thoughts on the day from a TSM comrade.

9/5/13: New Teesside Group

We're chuffed to be able to announce the formation of a Teesside anarchist group, affiliated to NEA. We've been working with TSM for some time now and a number of anarchists involved in that have decided to form a specifically anarchist group. Still early days as yet of course, but this is the sort of grass-roots regional federation we've been trying to build up since we began, so we're well-pleased.

Arse Ye Workers

4/5/13: Newcastle May Day

Well, if we thought the Middlesbrough May Day march was problematic, what about Newcastle? Although for once we had nice warm weather, the crowd seemed barely half of what it had been the previous year. None of the energy or atmosphere of the Boro march. Sadly, we turned down an invitation from comrades in Leeds to go there to support them against the EDL for the sake of the main local May Day event, and in hindsight it was probably a mistake. The official May Day posters (pictured) kind of say it all. Fortunately, they vetoed Father Jack's suggestion: "Feck Ye Workers!"

NEAF and NEA banners at Middlesbrough 27-4-13

27/4/13: Nah, We're Already Dead!

"Yeah, ya tryin' to tire me, tire me!" as RATM once sang. Is that the TUC's strategy for bringing down the Tory government - boring them into submission?

NEA travelled to Middlesbrough on Saturday to join with comrades from Teesside Solidarity Movement for an anti-cuts / May Day march, organised by the unions. Although the march itself was good, with a lively atmosphere aided by TSM drummers, several problems with the organisation of it all stand out. Firstly, the fact that the route for the most part was through a fairly empty part of town, well away from the main shopping area. Secondly, it ended with yet another boring rally, with Labour politicians and bureaucrats making speeches stating the bleeding obvious to people who are already well aware of what is going on: that's why they'd taken the trouble to make banners and placards and march after all. Although the rally was in a fairly open public space, the general public were notably absent, so it was just politicians preaching to the converted. To make matters worse, our comrades from TSM were denied a speaker from the platform, even though they had mobilised a seriously large chunk of the march. It perhaps says it all that this was a protest march of several hundred people through the town centre and there wasn't a single cop to be seen anywhere. That's the problem: Labour and the unions are too wedded to legal avenues, and consequently, they're unable to do anything effective. What is the point of a protest that doesn't cause any disruption? This is day one beginners stuff of street politics: power is in the hands of those willing and able to use it. If the organised working class daren't assert itself, then what power does it have to make anyone listen to its concerns? None. Which is why the Tories are so confident they can simply ignore opposition. The most effective part of this particular protest was when TSM and NEA broke away from the rally to march through the busy city centre, banners raised, flags flying, in search of a pub.

'Witch Is Dead Party', Trafalgar Sq 13-4-13

8-17/4/13: Wahey, The Witch Is Dead!

Well, that's more than a week of boozy celebrations following the happy news of Maggie snuffing it. This anarchist's initial response on hearing the news was to run out and procure half a dozen packets of balloons and then hit the pub by tea-time. The following week and a bit took NEA on three epic sessions, the first local in Sunderland and Newcastle, then down to London on Saturday for the "Witch Is Dead" party at Trafalgar Square, called many moons ago by Class War, where we drank and danced in the pissing rain, and then finally back up to Easington on the day of the funeral itself to join ex-miners, who by coincidence were marking the 20th anniversary of the closure of Easington Colliery. Atilla The Stockbroker was among the acts on stage, and he described it as possibly the best day of his life. We'd concur. It's been an epic, liver-pounding blow-out.

30/3/13: Sold Out

Lot of anger kicking about today after the counter-demo against the EDL in Sunderland, as complicity between Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition and the police effectively conspired to turn the anti-fascist presence into an embarrassing early withdrawl from the scene, gifting the fash a soft win. Although there were some positives to take from it, the net feeling is one of pissed-off betrayal. See brief overview and a fuller analysis.

Bedroom Tax demo, Durham 16-3-13

16/3/13: Hope Springs Eternal, Eh?

Lots of actions all over the country today over the Bedroom Tax. NEA had activists at both Newcastle and Durham, and though neither seem to have been much cop (one of our activists described the Newcastle demo as the worst demo he'd ever been on), it is at least heartening that these protests have been springing up in all sorts of unlikely places. There's a sense of something being afoot with this: maybe it will prove to be the new Poll Tax? At any rate, it's bemusing to see Labour jump on the bandwagon.

6/3/13: No Surprises Please

Canny crap day today, but only a fool would have expected anything else. Today saw both Sunderland and Newcastle city councils vote to pass austerity budgets, and for all the desparate hopes of the liberals, there was never any chance either would make a stand against the cuts. There were demos at both, with Sunderland barely scraping a crowd of 20 people at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The apathy induced by the inevitablity was tangible. The Newcastle demo, although far larger (it was later in the evening, when people had finished work) was likewise pretty lifeless. Only about 65 people were allowed into the public gallery, with everyone else being shepherded into a hall, surrounded by police and security guards to watch it on a video link. Things only flickered into the slightest spark of life when we led a walk-out and made some efforts to get in through the front door to the chamber itself, although to no avail. Perhaps the only good thing about it all is that the usual reformist / lobbyist channels have now run dry and shut down, leaving direct action as the only viable way forward.

2/3/13: ...And It Would Have Worked, If It Weren't For Those Pesky Police!

Saturday saw NEA take a trip to Manchester for a mobilisation against the EDL. Although the demo seems to have been called to coincide with UAF's national conference in London, there was still a good-sized anti-fascist presence. The two demos were kept well apart, though it wasn't for want of trying. At the beginning of the demo, a large Antifa bloc marched off on a different route to the official UAF march with the intention of blocking the EDL march. Initially, it took some time for the police to realise what was happening and we got a fair old distance before they managed to scramble mounted police to try and block our path. We broke through the first police line with little trouble, but more cops were rushed into the area and a kettle began to form. Some of us managed to break out of it, but the remainder were escorted back to the main demo at the Town Hall. Other than that, the police were fairly on top of things, save for what seemed to be a whoopsie moment at the end when UAF marched back to Piccadilly Gardens, right past a Weatherspoons pub full of fash. There was a brief snarl up as the two groups went for each other, but the police re-gained control and shepherded the EDL away.

16/2/13: So When Does The Fightback Begin?

Today saw a canny big anti-cuts march in Newcastle - perhaps as many as 2000 people, including lots of very noisy young kids protesting against the closure of play groups and libraries. Although numbers are growing (painfully slowly, considering the threats we're all facing), there is a whiff of the old Stop The War marches: lots of people on the streets but actually, not doing anything effective - no pickets, no blockades or occupations, nada. Just march from A to B and then have some big-wig talk at you from a platform, telling you things you already know. While it's certainly refreshing to see lots of new faces on a demo for once, there is a frustrating sense of history repeating, that it's all just a token protest. Things need to step up a gear.

Recently, we've seen successes in the anti-workfare campaigns, with shops and charities pulling out from the scheme under pressure from regular pickets and protests. In Newcastle, NEA members have supported comrades from SolFed who have organised pickets of first Holland & Barrett, and then Poundland as part of a nationwide campaign. Both companies have since withdrawn from the workfare program, showing how effective direct action can be, even without thousands of people being involved. It's precisely this sort of action that the wider anti-cuts movement needs to start utilising if there is to be any hope of victory: direct, physical pressure on corporations, the Tories and the Labour councillors who are doing their dirty work.

RMT soup kitchen, Newcastle Civic Centre 24-1-13

24/1/13: Soup Is Good Food

The Tyne & Wear Metro cleaners held a "soup kitchen" stall outside Newcastle civic centre today in protest against poverty wages. The picket was attended by upwards of 30 people, including the national vice-secretary (think that was his title) of the RMT. The protest was timed to coincide with the Labour group meeting of the Integrated Transport Authority, who have overall control of public transport in the area, including the contracts for the running of the Metro system. Virtually the entire picket headed inside to form a mass delegation to the ITA meeting, where the RMT bigwig tried to shame the Labour councillors into taking action, citing Minnie Lansbury and the Poplar Revolt in the process. Doubt we'll get any joy there.

Back outside there was a wee spat as well as some Tory troglodyte ripped up one of the RMT leaflets and told the assembled lads and lasses that they should all be sacked. Snowballs, abuse and a vuvuzela were thrown back in response. And that, boys and girls, is why we fucking hate Tories!

Still, this dispute has now been running for well over 6 months and the rank and file are as solid and determined to win as ever - all power to 'em

Luddite Memorial Banner, York 19-1-13

19/1/13: Remembering The Luddites

On Saturday, NEA were in York for an event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the execution of 17 Luddites at York, following an uprising in the West Riding. The well-attended event was organised by York Alternative History, and it began with talks at the Guildhall on York's radical history. Afterwards, there was a march through the city to the site of the executions at York Castle, where a speaker gave an account of the executions and plaques naming each of the dead were placed. We heard later that comrades from Huddersfield, who had attended in full period dress, complete with a replica musket and flintlock pistol had caused a train to be stopped after a guard reported them to the police. We're sure Ned Ludd would appreciate that.